LBU History

The history of the Lithuanian Blacksmiths‘ Union.

ON AUGUST 8-10, 2014, there was an International Smithery  Plein air “Four Winds”(in Klaipėda)

It is said, everyone – his own happiness blacksmith. And what’s the one the blacksmith? That the craft has been around for a long time, all I know. We also know that the blacksmith clad horses, and what they did and still continues to have up to now? These and other questions got answers all visited cruise ship terminal (Klaipeda) August 9 -10 June. The remaining boathouse Association of Lithuanian Smiths Union sumontvo open a forged workshop. Here was burning some Smitheries hearths, authentic bellows pumped air flame and anvils rang from hammers and hammers many. The mid-twentieth century acting pneumatic hammer shook his rocket of a shot waterfront. Blacksmiths from Lithuania and abroad gathered in the International blacksmith plein air “Four Winds 2014 ‘for eight years already, called Klaipeda citizens and guests to know the blacksmith’s craft” live “attractive and fun. Klaipeda publication weathervanes year, blacksmiths decided to intervene. Their weathervane varied considerably from already established or former antique weathervanes. Blacksmiths work with metal and replicate traditional wooden Curonian edge weathercocks intended. It was created from a metal weathervane with the European Union and the marine symbolism. During the event, held competitions among the participants of the plenary. In addition to traditional longest nail forging, Broaching were new disciplines: master and apprentice, horseshoes and metal forging heating with riveting. Invited to compete and the audience. And on the last day of plein air, researchers were able to see what weather vane coined all participants of the plenary. Participants took part in the recognition ceremony and noisy blacksmiths say goodbye to Klaipeda city.

Pictures of the event can be found in the daily newspaper “Western Express Web site:

ON  AUGUST 9 – 11, 2013, there was an International Smithery  Plein air “Four Winds”(in Klaipėda).

All blacksmith toiled along the common idea – composition “TREE OF LOVE. Each one minting a separate segment. All skill and artifice were exhibited in the authentic blacksmith techniques. By installing this composition, newlywed couples will be able to hang the locks. This will protect Klaipeda Exchange bridge, and the newlyweds will have them for only a work of art, the exterior will change constantly depending on the quantity of hanging locks and size. This idea came after hearing complaints about the administration of Klaipeda annual Exchange remanufactured bridge railing degradation. After consulting smiths decided to help the Klaipeda city officials. Let us hope that the aid will be assessed and the composition will be found in a public place in Klaipeda space. We seek to demonstrate blacksmith craft interesting, fascinating and fun – says organizer Linen Lesciauskas plein air. I myself and members of the association, we try to find the time, desire and resources to continue the idea of ​​plein air, and gave little chance to forge, so the audience to attend the event free of charge, now in its seventh year. Today kopmozicija “TREE OF LOVE” has already built near the bridge Exchange Dane waterfront. This composition within three days “to grow” masters from Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. An article about the event you can read in the newspaper “Western Express“:

ON AUGUST 17– 19, 2012, there was an International Smithery Palin air “Four Winds”(in Klaipėda).


Blacksmiths from Lithuania and foreign countries demonstrated their blacksmith skills, and the fans themselves could try their hand at various events.

“We will get to the sixth plein happen as smoothly as the past five plain-airs – said one of the main organizers of this symposium Linen Leščiauskas, announcing for the sixth time in the opening of the event. – And really pasistengsim that our work here surprised the assembled people, and that they will see what is the most beautiful smithery.

Throughout the day, smiths from Russia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Ukraine and Lithuania (Klaipeda, Plunge in municipality, Panevėžys and pebbles) bitch one Dane waterfront railing segment that will soon decorate Klaipeda – will be installed to tilt the bridge.

Visitors could enjoy not only the general blacksmith work, but also the longest nail forging and metal Broaching event. People were invited to participate in several events: test your endurance while holding 35 pounds of weight hammer and horseshoe throwing accuracy competition.

The longest nail driving event and was again unrivaled L. Leščiauskas, who improved his own record – forged 41 cm 11 cm nail from the nail paruoštukė – one centimeter longer than last year.

The first symposium was developed by the winds spin, which stands at the cruise ship terminal. In 2008. plein-air sculpture was created by blacksmith tree.

In 2009. – Lithuanian millennium celebration created by Lithuanian map outline. 2010 – 2011 m. made cock, which can be seen in Klaipeda castle.


2011 AUGUST 19-21, held in the International Plein Air blacksmith “Four Winds”.


For the 5th international plein-air blacksmith blacksmiths gathered jointly developed pedestal Klaipeda castle stationary weather vane which they have been designed and built over the past year took place in plein-air. “Blacksmith’s really not bad weather, and we are not afraid of the rain,” – assured the president of Lithuania blacksmiths Linen Leščiauskas, kaldamas a hot iron. According to him, the blacksmith who gathered in Klaipeda, not only from all over Lithuania, but also in foreign countries, wants people to at least once a year, their eyes would see the process that impressive when a piece of metal turns into a work of art. “People do not just observe, we allow them to participate in the process – the same shoe, touch the metal, feel its breath,” – said the blacksmith-artist’s Leščiauskas. According to him, has become a tradition that a plein-air meeting blacksmith creates a single work of art. Last year minted cock is standing Klaipeda castle. This year it will smith pedestal. This composition called “Hill”. Blacksmiths not only competed in the most nail forging, drawing, forging horseshoe contests, but also offered a variety of event participants gathered in celebration.


The Blacksmiths‘ Union organized the plain air from 2010, July 30, 31 to August 1


Blacksmiths invited to find out more about smithcraft and try it out This year the international smithery plain air “Four Winds” organized by the International Blacksmiths’ Union took place in the territory of Klaipeda Castle. It is already the fourth international smithery plain air.

The event started at 11 o’clock in the morning with gathering of blacksmiths, who came both from Lithuania and abroad, i.e. Russia, Latvia, and Czechia.

Main aim of this event is a common work of the blacksmiths – a weathercock, which is to be presented to Klaipeda City and to decorate the territory of Klaipeda Castle. This work had been made for two days, and was presented to Klaipeda City on Sunday evening.

“Aim is the same as of any other event – to meet colleagues, to introduce smithcraft to people. Also our common work – a weathercock, which is dedicated to the wind itself. Many other weathercocks symbolize characters of people or things they have, and this weathercock represents the wind – the element,” Head of Lithuanian Blacksmiths’ Union Linas Lesciauskas said.

Curious viewers were able not only to watch at blacksmiths’ work with the use of just traditional old smithery techniques but were also encouraged to try out flexibility of iron by forging a nail or a horseshoe by themselves. Later in the evening people could try hand in hammer holding competitions and watch blacksmiths competitions to see who is going to make the longest nail out of a piece of iron.

8th International Blacksmith Festival 2010 Ivano-Frankivsk, 7 -10 May

Under the Patronage of the Ukrainian Union of Artist Blacksmiths Ivano-Frankivsk Guild of Artist Blacksmiths Art Museum of Ivano-Frankivsk. We have the honour to invite you to participate in the 8th International Blacksmith Festival – 2010 and exhibition “Ornamental Forging – 2010” where teams from Italy, Germany, Russia, Holland, France, Finland, Belgium, Australia, Spain, Norway, Sweden, the USA, Great Britain, Uzbekistan will take part , about 350 friends form more than 20 countries, several continents, all races and nationalities . Contact- The further information about the past festival (in English language) 


On the 9th of October, 2009 an exhibition “Lietuvos kalviai 2009”

was solemnly introduced in a shopping center “Herkaus galerija” at Manto str. 22, Klaipeda. 15 blacksmiths from entire Lithuania presented their artwork. Exhibited artwork reflects blacksmiths’ personality, their work style, art authenticity and individuality of contemporary technologies. The applied aspect is very evident in the exhibition – exposition contains a lot of candlesticks, lamps, fireplace tools, tables, racks, sculptural composition and etc. Authors in their artwork use not only metal, but also glass, wood, stone and other traditional materials. Visitors of the exhibition can purchase the artwork. The exhibition will be open until the 5th of November.


A general members meeting took place on the 9th of October, 2009(Friday) at 16.00 o’clock in a conference room of “HERKUS galerija”. Agenda: 1. Report on four year activities of the association; 2. Reelection of association chairman; 3. Discussion on activities of the coming years; 4. Decision regarding members indebtedness (membership fee), 5. Other issues.


ON JULY 13 – 19, 2009, there was a Smithery plain air in UŽVENTIS (Kelmė District).


ON JUNE 5 – 7, 2009, IN ŠVENTOJI  there was a summer seasonOPENING. Mokyklos St. 50, Šventoji, next to the hotel “Kuršių kaimas”. SMITHERY COMPETITIONS AND MAKING A WEATHERCOCK (Association “Lithuanian Smiths Union”).

You can read an article about this event in the newspaper “Vakarų ekspresas”:


ON MAY 15 – 17, 2009, there was an International Smithery Palin air “Four Winds”(in Klaipėda).


For the third time the Association Lithuanian Smiths Union  organized an International Sdmithery Plain air “FOUR WINDS” . This year the event took place n the very heart of Klaipėda – in the old city (on Teatro square and in the Smithery Museum). In 2009 the plain air stands out for its  subject, a decorative panel to commemorate Lithuania‘s millenium was jointly created. „Lithuania‘s 1000“ panel is a forged map of Lithuania divided into segments. The panel‘s size is 1,8 x 2,4 m. Creating the segments the smiths used only traditional, old smithery techniques. Smithery workshoips in the open air were assembled on the Teatro squear (6 furnaces were lit, a pneumatic hammer was installed, there were old-fashioned bellows and other authentic equipment). 30 masters of smithery took part in the event. Among them were 24 smiths from Lithuania and 6  from abroad (Check Republic, the Ukraine, Latvia, etc.).anyone could watch the competitive forgery of the decorative panel on May 16 (Saturday). In the Smithery Museum (Šaltkalvių St. Klaipėda) there waws an exhibition of works of the plain air participants, visitor could watch a film by Darius Vilius „Process“, the Katzkė smithery furnace was lit.  From 20.00  to  23. 00 on the  Teatro squeare there were smithery competitions, competitions for the townsmen and a festive concert. On May 17 (Sunday) at 12.00 all the plain air participants joined the forged segments into a decorative panel „Lithuania‘s 1000“ . At 14.00 the plain air was solemnly closed and participants were awarded. You can read articles about this event in the newspaper „Vakarų ekspresas“:           


On the 8-10 th May, year 2009 Ivano-Frankivsk, Western Ukraine, 7th International Artist Blacksmith Festival and Exhibition

there will be 2 exhibitions, conference, friendly gatherings during these two days. On Sunday morning we leave to the other city to forge there and participate in the excursion programme, stay there overnight and come back to Ivano-Frankivsk on Monday evening.

For the festival itself we plan a collaborative joint project which will be installed in the city next year. The topic of the sculpture is the FRAME but the good poetic name of it is being discussed now and the topic of the decorative elements the participant bring with them or forge atthe festival. The elements wil be in tthe holes of the frame.

This is the model of the collaborative sculpture of the festival: it looks like a frame and it is about 2 and something meters high. People can take a photo standing inside of the frame on the city background.
Decorative elements made by the participants will be around the frame.The further information about the past festival (in English language) –


ON SEPTEMBER 30, 2008, a catalogue – album „LITHUANIAN SMITHS 2008“ was issued. 

The album presents 33 authors (includng their contact information and coordinates). The album is of A4 format, in a rigid cover, contains 265 pages, generously illustrated with quality pictures of works nof authorship. The album‘s circulation is 1000 copies, it was printed by UAB”Aušra”. Thanks to this album we hope to reveal to the public the smithery traditions. In this booki you will find famous masters presenting their craft in an artistic manner: V.Jarutis (Alytus), V. Mockaitis (Telšiai), Z.Žilinskas (Klaipėda Distr.), R.Kriukelis (Kaunas). The following authors have mastered all the nuances of restoration: G.Černiauskas (Klaipėda), A.Šeputis (Klaipėda). Nuances of modern design and classical style are presented by smiths famous for their outstanding works: R.Vaitkūnas (Vilnius), E.Latėnas (Vilnius), R.Grekavičius (Kaunas), L.Leščiauskas (Klaipėda Distr.). Šiauliai Region is decorated by smiths working in their own style: R.Gudaitis, A.Degė, A.Sodaitis and M.Stošius who subtly makes talk and joins such different materials as wood and metal. V.Mikuckis (Mažeikiai) is able to reveal the old traditions of Lithuanian cross forging and precize perfection of lines in metal.  Representatives of the young generation M.Bumblys (Klaipėda), D.Vilius (Šilutė District) and others develop a peculiar philosophy of mastering metal, tries to preserve authentic traditions of smithery.

You can buy the album not lonly in the bookshops, but also directly from us by bank transfer to our account (AB SEB bankas, LT35 7044 0600 0527 9372) specifying purpose of payment and by sending to our e-mail: a notification with an exact address to which you wish the book to be sent. Terms of delivery depend on work of Lithuanian post. The price of the catalogue – album including postage expenses is 25 EUR.

On the 30,31th of May – the 1st of June, 2008, the second International Smithery Symposium „Four Winds“ was organized  in the Theatre square, in Klaipeda.


In the morning members of this meeting gathered in ‘Linas smithery’ in Kelmiske village, Klaipeda district, and in the afternoon they gathered already in Klaipeda, by Drama theatre where they mounted open workshops – they brought forges, petrol and iron, they put bellows, other equipment, they even brought an enormous mechanical hammer. On Saturday blacksmiths opened exhibition of their works in Smithery museum and took part in the conference-seminar ‘Place of smithy in modern architecture’ that was held there. In the afternoon there began competitive, demonstrative carving based on the theme ‘live metal’. Blacksmiths carved segments of composition ‘Live metal’ by the forges exchanging each other after every hour and a half. On Sunday all the segments were fixed to the wooden construction of about three meters high. Before that participants of the contest presented their carved segments on the stage situated nearby and the jury discussed and chose three best works. Town-dwellers could also try smithery equipment by forges – participants of the plenary meeting showed two open smithery lessons to everyone who wished.

ON THE 9-11th OF MAY, YEAR 2008 IVANO-FRANCIVSK On the 9-11th of May, in year 2008, the 6thinternational festival-exhibition of artistic smithery „Ornamentinė kalvystė“ (“Ornamental Smithery”) in Ivano –Francivsk , Western Ukraine will be taking place.This year the program will be similar to the previous year – 3 days festival with the exhibitions of students and participants.  The common project, conference, the show of photographs of blacksmiths from other countries, participating in the event, common get-together in the restaurant, excursions to nature, hills and magnificent places ( extra program for those, wishing to stay in the hills’ cottages), souvenirs , sommunication and etc.. The common project is creating for the festival itself, that will be implemented in the town the other year. 12 teams, that will wish to create on from the twelve parts of the project, fill be formatted. The project theme will be provided later.
The further information about the past festival (in English language) –

On the 26th of January, year 2008, at 12.00 a.m. – the meeting of members.We invite to meet in 1 Klemiške village, Klaipėda district (Linas’ forge).We will discuss and deal with the relevant questions and will plan the guidelines for the activity of year 2008.Planned questions of working schedule:
– Publishing and sponsorship of catalogue-album „LIETUVOS KALVIAI 2008“ (“LITHUANIAN BLACKSMITHS 2008”);
– International smithery plenary session “Keturi Vejai”(“Four Winds”);
– Development of website;
– Other questions.

On the 18-20th of May, 2007, the association’s organized International Smithery Symposium „Four Winds“took place in the territory of Klaipeda castle.



About 60 blacksmiths took place in this event. There also came some guests from Latvia, Canada, and Czech Republic and so on. An exhibition of smithery and a seminar was held during this plenary meeting in the territory of Klaipeda mound. ‘You can carve everything from iron starting with a nail and finishing with an element of the sea and four winds’, – this motto was embodied by the works of Canadian, Latvian, Czech and Lithuanian blacksmiths. People from Klaipeda who gathered in force in the exposition of works of this great archaic craft   could see a lot: starting with postcards encrusted with iron, jeweler works and two ply Damask steel dagger and finishing with small architectural forms, sacral and modern sculptures. We could notice there the most unusual combinations: of iron and leather, of iron and ceramic and iron decorated with brass and bronze. There were held smithery contests, sculptural compositions, carving of separate objects, a concert. At the end of this event there was elected the best blacksmith, and that was Vytautas Jarutis from Alytus and a collective work ‘The fifth wind’ was made which was presented to Klaipeda city.

THE 14th OF APRIL, YEAR 2007, General Meeting of Members In the seat of Association: LITHUANIAN BLACKSMITHS’ UNION 1 KLEMIŠKĖS VILLAGE, KLAIPĖDA DISTRICT. The general meeting of members will be taking place Working schedule: 1. Financial report on year 2006 ; 2. Introduction of website 3. Introduction of the program of international plenary session “Keturi Vejai” (“Four Winds”) and discussion regarding current questions.

On the 16th of March, 2007, the union’s internet site was created .

In December, 2006 all LBU members were sent membership certificates.

On the 7-9th of July, 2006  during the Vitebsk XV International Festival  „Slavianskij bazar“ the smithery mastership/artistry festival of „The Art of Flame and Metal“ took place for the third time. LBU representatives participated in the festival.

On the 1st of July, 2006 LBU representative symbol projects, visual material (LBU members catalog, booklets, certificates, etc.) were introduced in the headquarters of the Lithuanian Smithery Union in Klemiskes village, Klaipeda region. General meeting of the members took place as well. The agenda: 1. Representation of the symbol of Lithuanian Blacksmith Union, members’ certificate, diploma and association’s members’ certificate. 2. Representation of the project and the internet site of the Lithuanian Blacksmiths’ Association. 3. Association’s financial report for the period of 2005-11-10 and 2006-07-01. 4. Planning of prospective activities.

On the 16-18th of June, 2006, the „FERRACULUM“festival took place in Ybbsitz‘e (Austria). The most famous blacksmiths from all around Europe and representatives of Lithuanian Blacksmiths’ Union were participating in this event.

The LITHUANIAN BLACKSMITHS’ UNION was officially registered on the 11th of November, 2005.

On the 8th of October, 2005 constituent assembly tool place in Telšiai. Founders and the board were elected. LBU statutes were confirmed. After the constituent assembly, a demonstrative forging competition and a lively get-together took place.

On the16-17th of June, 2005 a smithery festival and the second blacksmiths meeting took place in Mazeikiai. A Lithuanian smithery artworks exhibition, which was represented by the known masters from all over Lithuania. Pursuing to promote Lithuanian smithery culture, a smithery festival was organized to the city’s and region’s community. During the meeting organizational establishment questions of the blacksmiths union were discussed.

For the first time, Lithuanian blacksmiths were gathered on the 23rd of April , 2005 to establish the association in Klemiskes village, Klaipeda region. Then they all unanimously voted that they need blacksmiths’ association and assigned Linas Lesciauskas to organize its establishment. Forging competition of the “Memory nail” and a get-together took place after the meeting.

The members of the Lithuanian Blacksmiths’ Union, even before the official establishment’s day, cherished the Lithuanian smithery culture and glorified the name of Lithuania in the international smithery events. The most famous events are: 2005 m. Ybbsitz- „FERRACULUM“ festival in Austria; 2005 m. Hrad Helfštỳn – “HEFAISTON“ festival in Check    Republic; 2005 m. Zamku w Gniewie festival in Poland; 2002 m. New York, smithery exhibition; 2000 m. Cloppenburg – „FERRO INSGHT“, Germany; 1999 m. Oldenburg – „MAREE-BALTIC“, Germany.

Professional Lithuanian blacksmiths were participating in these events and during these festivals’ competitions were winning prizes. In this way they were representing the best Lithuanian smithery traditions and formed Lithuanian art, and the positive image of the culture. Close collaboration relations were made during the events. Before the establishment of the association, cooperation relations were unilateral – Lithuanian blacksmiths were representing only their country, however, they did not have opportunities to represent themselves at the state level as well as they could not invite famous craftsmen to Lithuania. Unofficial meetings were taking place in Lithuania, but blacksmiths from foreign countries could not represent their countries officially. Lithuanian society lost the great opportunity to be introduced to the finest smithery traditions and famous representatives of this craft at the international level.