ON SEPTEMBER 30, 2008, a catalogue – album „LITHUANIAN SMITHS 2008“ was issued.


Catalogue – album “LITHUANIAN SMITHS 2008”

The album presents 33 authors (includng their contact information and coordinates). The album is of A4 format, in a rigid cover, contains 265 pages, generously illustrated with quality pictures of works nof authorship. The album‘s circulation is 1000 copies, it was printed by UAB”Aušra”. Thanks to this album we hope to reveal to the public the smithery traditions. In this booki you will find famous masters presenting their craft in an artistic manner: V.Jarutis (Alytus), V. Mockaitis (Telšiai), Z.Žilinskas (Klaipėda Distr.), R.Kriukelis (Kaunas). The following authors have mastered all the nuances of restoration: G.Černiauskas (Klaipėda), A.Šeputis (Klaipėda). Nuances of modern design and classical style are presented by smiths famous for their outstanding works: R.Vaitkūnas (Vilnius), E.Latėnas (Vilnius), R.Grekavičius (Kaunas), L.Leščiauskas (Klaipėda Distr.). Šiauliai Region is decorated by smiths working in their own style: R.Gudaitis, A.Degė, A.Sodaitis and M.Stošius who subtly makes talk and joins such different materials as wood and metal. V.Mikuckis (Mažeikiai) is able to reveal the old traditions of Lithuanian cross forging and precize perfection of lines in metal.  Representatives of the young generation M.Bumblys (Klaipėda), D.Vilius (Šilutė District) and others develop a peculiar philosophy of mastering metal, tries to preserve authentic traditions of smithery.

You can buy the album not lonly in the bookshops, but also directly from us by bank transfer to our account (AB SEB bankas, LT35 7044 0600 0527 9372)specifying purpose of payment and by sending to our e-mail:lietuvoskalviusajunga@gmail.com a notification with an exact address to which you wish the book to be sent. Terms of delivery depend on work of Lithuanian post. The price of the catalogue – album including postage expenses is 20.00 EUR.